Hypnotherapy and coaching can help boost your confidence.

Achieve your goals by overcoming a lack of confidence that stops you fulfilling your potential.

A combination of hypnotherapy and coaching can boost your confidence and give you the tools to make progress in your life.

Lack of confidence can blight many areas of your life. For example, you might dread speaking in public or giving presentations.  You might also lack confidence ahead of a job interview.  Does that sound familiar? You might want to make changes in your life but not feel strong enough to carry them out. Are you being held back from making positive life changes by confidence issues?

Imagine how good you will feel when you start each day with more confidence.

Imagine how being more confident can improve your success at work, in business or socially.

Imagine how others might view a new, more confident you as you make a contribution to meetings and deliver successful presentations. Imagine how you will feel when you take that step and make a positive life change.

Imagine how good you will feel to be more confident in other areas of your life. You might have a big event coming up at work. You might have a chance for promotion or need to succeed with an important presentation. You might have a big event coming up in your social life and not feel confident. Improve how you feel by boosting your confidence with hypnotherapynow.org.uk in Norwich.

Take the first step to boosting confidence – call Peter now on 07818 020275 for your free phone consultation or email  peter@hypnotherapynow.org.uk

Following a free initial telephone consultation, the confidence boosting programme involves three appointments over about a month at my consulting room in Norwich (parking available nearby). Each therapy session lasts about an hour and a quarter in which you will benefit from hypnotherapy and coaching techniques. The initial session will take a little longer as we complete your initial assessment and formulate your confidence boosting plan. Each confidence boosting session costs £50.  Two further appointments then follow at one and two month intervals after the initial sessions.

In between each session you will benefit from telephone or email support to help you to succeed. This support is also available to you after you complete the confidence boosting programme.

You will receive lots of support and assistance as we work through the confidence boosting programme towards your brighter, more confident future.

Call Peter Farrell Registered Hypnotherapist now on 07818 020275 for your free phone consultation

Email me now on: peter@hypnotherapynow.org.uk

Here are Jane’s thoughts after hypnotherapy:

“My confidence was a little low and I felt I needed to find a way to take control of my life again. Peter was able to help me find the things that really mattered and guided me towards making better decisions for myself. I feel I am in a better place now and was glad of the help that Peter gave me when I really needed it.”

Here are Mike's thoughts after hypnotherapy:

“I contacted Peter after I lost my personal ambition and drive. After a few sessions I have my life back. I can recommend Peter to anyone who wants to improve their life in a similar way.”