Change your relationship with food forever.

Achieve your goal of losing weight and stop the weight you lost from returning.

You have followed the various diets and fads over the years.

You have managed to lose weight but the weight you lost then slowly returned.

Recognise the picture? I do, I was the same!

A combination of hypnotherapy and coaching can revolutionise your weight loss efforts by giving you the tools to stop the weight you lose from returning.

Keep the weight off!!!

Imagine how good you will feel when you lose weight and sustain that successful weight loss into your new future.

Imaging how good you will look when you lose weight and sustain that successful weight loss into your new future.

Imagine how you will feel more confident in other areas of your life. You might have a big event coming up in the summer or a holiday. Think how much more enjoyable that event or holiday will be in your new lighter future.

Following a free initial telephone consultation, the weight loss programme involves three appointments over about a month at my consulting room in Norwich (parking available nearby). Each therapy session lasts up to an hour and a quarter in which you will benefit from hypnotherapy and coaching techniques. The initial session will take a little longer as we complete your initial assessment and formulate your sustainable weight loss plan.  Each session costs 50 pounds.  Two sessions follow on one month and two months after the initial sessions.

The sessions will build your knowledge of your relationship with food. We will use an innovative tool to look at how your emotions are linked to food. We will build up your understanding of why you make certain food and eating choices.

In between each session you will benefit from telephone or email support to help you to lose and sustain weight loss. This support is also available after you complete the first part of the programme. The second part of the weight loss programme also involves hypnotherapy and coaching sessions - usually after two and three monthly intervals from our first therapy session.

You will receive lots of support and assistance as we work through your sustainable weight loss programme towards your lighter, sustainable future.

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Here is Jeanette's summary of her therapy: “Peter really helped me to take control of my unhealthy eating habits . My self esteem has improved and I see things more clearly as a result. I was impressed by the process and his calm and experienced approach.”

Here is Marie's comment after her therapy:  "What I found really helped me was the practical help to keep the weight off".