Hypnotherapy and coaching can help to reduce anxiety.

Imagine how much better you will feel if you reduce your anxiety.

Hypnotherapynow.org.uk can help with your anxiety whatever the cause. 

You might experience:

Performance Anxiety

 You might become stressed and worried as you face a particular situation.  For example, presenting information and speaking to an audience (large or small).  You might be worried about passing an exam or test – perhaps your Driving Test.  You might have an important job interview coming up and feel worried.  Do you recognise these pictures?  Is your performance anxiety holding you back?


You might become anxious in very particular situations.  For example you may feel fine driving your car in your locality but become anxious when driving in unfamiliar areas.  You might worry at the thought of visiting the dentist.

Social Anxiety

Do you find you struggle when you meet new people?  Do you avoid situations where you are likely to encounter others?  Is your social anxiety holding you back? 

Panic attacks

Do you suffer from panic attacks?  Panic attacks can occur for all sorts of reasons and are quite common.  With help you can develop techniques to lessen the impact of panic attacks and become less anxious

A combination of hypnotherapy and coaching can help you to develop effective methods to reduce your anxiety as you face challenging situations.

Guided imagery and visualisation techniques will help you to overcome the stressful situations causing your anxiety.

The therapy will assist you to imagine yourself behaving calmly and confidently in challenging situations.  Hypnotherapy and coaching will help you to identify and overcome the negative thinking that you associate with challenging situations.

My own anxiety prevented me from learning to swim.  I experienced panic attacks the moment that I smelt the chlorine in a swimming pool.  After hypnotherapy, in 2017, I managed to reduce my anxiety and banish panic attacks.  I was then able to book swimming lessons   -  I am no longer held back!

Therapy sessions involve hypnotherapy and coaching techniques and usually last up to one and a quarter hours.  The first session will be a little longer as we gather information and work with you on your plan.   The therapy involves three sessions over about a month in my Norwich consulting room (parking available nearby).  Each session costs £50.  Two further sessions are then planned at two and three month intervals from your first session.

In between each session you will benefit from email or telephone support to help you achieve your goal.  The support continues to be available to you after you complete your reduced anxiety programme.

Call Peter Farrell -  Registered Hypnotherapist - on 07818 020275 for your free phone consultation.

Or contact me by email: peter@hypnotherapynow.org.uk