Imagine how good you will feel to be a non smoker

Do you remember smoking your first cigarette?  Did you enjoy it?  I thought not and yet you continued to smoke.  You were very determined to smoke despite not enjoying the experience.    With you can harness that strong determination to quit smoking.

You are considering  stopping smoking which is a good sign of your motivation.  At a tailored support and action plan will be produced WITH YOU to help you achieve your goal of stopping smoking forever. 

You will get practical help to prepare for your STOP SMOKING DAY, beat cravings and manage triggers.

You will also receive a free copy of my e book: GIVE UP SMOKING - The low pressure way to quit.

Therapy is designed to deliver results in typically 3 sessions spread over a few weeks.

At the first session I will get you to tell me about your smoking habit so that we can better understand your situation and seek solutions rather than focus on problems.

You will also benefit from practical tips to remain a non smoker - forever!  You will also receive tips to avoid weight gain. 

Providing you are determined to quit smoking you can achieve your ambition to be a non smoker sooner than you might think.

Call Peter Farrell now on 07818 020275 for help with planning your STOP SMOKING DAY.

 Each quit smoking hypnotherapy session costs £50 and is delivered at my consulting room in Central Norwich (public car park available opposite).  Hypnotherapy sessions last about 75 minutes.  

Imagine being a non smoker. How good does that feel?

I have shared some comments from others I have helped to quit smoking:

“Thank you for supporting me to stop smoking. I am so pleased I have remained free of tobacco addiction.” Mel age 55 years (long term smoker)

“Peter really helped me to deal with my cravings which was so important in the first few weeks when I stopped smoking.” Joseph 39 years (long term smoker)

Call Peter Farrell Registered Hypnotherapist now on 07818 020275 for your free phone consultation.

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